To the vets

Gator is a cat Ive had for 17 years now, with her sister Rat. Lately shes been not eating and throwing up canned food so we are going to the vets in a few minutes. Its been a growing problem. She always ate last but there was food out and plenty to go around but she stopped eating the dry then stopped eating certain flavors of canned food and now will only eat certain flavors IF you make a point of petting her for at least 5 minutes first, and then throws up within the hour. The only thing she seems to want to eat and keep down is wafer ham or turkey from the deli. The kind they slice up not pre-packaged. Its ridiculous and part of me feels Im being played but she IS very thin so we are going to the vets. Just in case something IS wrong or if it is just old age and she needs a certain diet. Rat is just fine and eats anything but dry food. Princess is in hog heaven and eats anything that they dont eat first but she is much younger, a lovely long haired silver.

Nothing else new in my life. No word yet on layoffs and furloughs and the unions suing the State over job cuts, so I just play with my iPhone and WoW and some SL.

I did fix the ring seat on my toilet that broke. Im kind of proud of myself actually.

Star wars dream

It started out with me some sort of astronaut slightly in the future taking off. The next part that I remember, han Solo is there wherever I am, which isn't where I was supposed to end up, on some kind of city with lots of concrete and I'm yelling into a phone to I thought NASA except I'm now in a mans body and I know they won't believe me but it's important so I tell them who I am anyway and try to include details I'd know while there's a battle going on around us.

Then it switches again and I'm a female Sith Apprentice with my female Master in a private very large garden. Coul be rogue Jedi as she felt superior and confident but not passionate exactly but we went into the building and fought our way somewhere then had to run and we got to the turbolift but Vader reopened the doors as they were nearly closed do I jammed my lightsaber into the gap and turned it on do he had to let go and the lift woodhed us back to the ground.

We fled through the garden to a street and down a small side street and into a lap dance club. The manager ordered us out since we were more attractive than his dancers and were drawing atention but we ignored him. A semi drunk patron made some suggestions but we had more important plans to make so I took a sharpened pencil and jammed it through his ribcage puncturing his lung and that's how I'm pretty sure we weren't Jedi.

That's where it ended but when escaping throuh the garden I did get to mind trick a servant girl that saw us lope past.

Wish I remembered more of it but it was interesting to feel THAT secure in my abilities.

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I was really worried about this one after only losing .2 lbs last time I weighed. I chalked it up to alot of salty foods the day before, so this is a relief.

Im getting a routine down. Sandwiches of various kinds and an apple, orange, banana or strawberries to snack on, and if thats gone well maybe a McDonalds Angus Bacon Cheese for supper. If Im REALLY good I add a small chocolate shake. Im impatient to lose faster but dont want to push too hard and blow it. Its not that Im hungry usually, its that at work, you eat breakfast then its lunch time so you eat lunch then its suppertime... Im working to get used to lunch being an apple or two and that helps but I have a bag of shaved roast beef in the fridge also if I get a meat craving.

Just got a Taco Bell Grilled Stuffed Steak Burrito, since Im off work all this week Im not in the Office trap so dont have to worry about breakfast at all.
Stopped by to see my Congressman on the way home, as hes practically on the way which I hadnt known. His office door cant be opened except from inside and the secretary wasnt in.An aide opened the door but gave me a run around when I asked for an email address for the Congressman. I dont want the poor guy's personal Email, I just hate using those forms. Eventually he gave me his own which was fine and I forwarded him the disturbing email I received yesterday on health care.

(rant begins)




Somebody has got to step up and be in charge and tell people to stop being stupid and gullible. And it has to be a Republican which he is. Turns out hes on the committee which I had not known. I feel for him, a bit, but this crap has got to stop.

Health care is not a game, or entertainment, no matter how the talk shows and so-called news wants to string it out, or the politicians want to score points. In a few years Im going to NEED that and the temporary gains theyve scored off this hot air will have evaporated long ago. It makes me sick and angry and cynical and frustrated. Which reminds me I forgot to get my blood pressure medicine while I was out.

(end rant)




Taking a break from SL to play Age of Conan for a month. I dont know if they revamped the game since I had left or if they had just put all the good stuff in for higher levels so I had missed it.

There was a really good quest the other day. I was asked to collect some exotic statues for a merchant and went to pick up one. There was a long hallway when you zoned in, lined with very tall strangely blue statue in various athletic poses. They were 2 or 3 times human sized. So I went down the hall looking for the one I was sent for which will be glowing with particles but I dont see it. At the end of the hall is a force field and a round room past it with more statues but I cant figure out how to open it so I turn around to go back in case I had missed something. As Im trotting back I think I see an arm on a statue in the alcoves move an arm but nothing else happens and its very shadowy and I wasnt really paying much attention. I get to the begining and the way out is now blocked by two of the giant statues, now standig there side by side facing out. I try to squeeze through just in case but cant and turn around, and thats when I see coming down the hall from the round room one of the very tall blue statues, doing the slow nightmare walk and I can just see another behind him. I scoot into a corner and activate my new never used Port-me-to-my-home-city statuette that I got for coming back to Hyboria. The one with the really long timer on it... And Im waiting and Im waiting and theyre getting closer and closer and Im waiting and theyre almost to me and Im starting to get ready to fight my way out but trying not to move and disrupt the timer when I port out to home.

That was completely AWESOME.

Pizza Day

Yesterday was supremely rotten. The tension wore me out and I slept till noon today, so taking the day off and curling up with a medium pizza.

In a month (sooner if Bith can find a buyer) I will lose Dathomir Sim. This is for the best, I love that place, but... I dont have the time to make it a useful part of Roleplay. Instead I will be helping Eraed out as an admin at Nar Shaddaa, which I was already, and setting up house there.

Tonight is Hutt Night, which I always love, at NS so looking forward to that. Back to working on that coat for Tataki as well.


Got a small jar of creamy horseradish. I *think* that is the mayo kind, but Im a little afraid to test it out. Finished some pork chops off and have skinned chicken breasts thawing out. Spices that are not salt are helping me with food, they give it alot more character and variety, but so long as Im eating real food that I cook, not out of a fast food bag, its not at all difficult to keep on track.
The numbers on my post titles are my latest weight so I am down 6 or 7 lbs so far.
I will be joining Facebook soon. I have the App, but my aunt is going to put her cruise photos there so the end is near.
Nar Shaddaa was GREAT last night, we had an impromptu Hutt Night and three rancors duelled in the pit for our amusement. They just get better and better. We had 27 people going strong for over two hours.
Working on another outfit to be productive this weekend. Might have rice with the chicken, might just have them plain. Havent decided, but tomorrow I have to hit the store on my way in. Need more fruit and bread or buns and mustard.


I got a free app for my iPhone last weekend, called Lose It! This thing is ruling my life now. Having to put a food item into the daily summary is a pretty good deterrent, and Im starting to structure all my eating and much of my shopping around the totals.

I nearly fell off the wagon one day and edged close a few times, but it makes it so easy to see how things add up that that is becoming less of an issue. I picked up a batch of apples and stuff on my way home tonight as I was out. Got a small thing of horseradish sauce for the sandwiches instead of mayo, and found that it was just horseradish and not hoseradish mayo or some such. Thankfully I hadnt dumped it on I was using it more as a dip. A little goes a very long way.

Torchwood miniseries started tonight. Im still annoyed that they ditched a whole season to do this, but frankly Im pretty used by now to disagreeing with the Dr Who/Torchwood producers on things. Still tired of writers using "Lets kill Jack" for cheap drama. Not that I want Gwen and Yanto to get shot or anything, just I think hes died at least once and usually a few times in almost every episode last season plus the season before...


Saw a thing on ABC news about salt and high blood pressure so resolved to eat out even less than I already do. Stopped at grocery store on way to work and picked up strawberries and easberries organic ones, and some deli roast beef and turkey and buns. They were out of the fresh baked French loaves and I forgot to get cheese.

I grabbed a bunch of febreeze noticables on the way out. Love those! I don't care for vanllla smells usualy but my whole house smells like a cookie factory :)

Hard to believe this is Wednesday I got a bunch dine yesterday for SL though so feeling good and tonight we are doing a Hutt Night at Nae Shaddaa. My idea to try to stage littler events not just big ones.

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